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A Non-Traditional Way to Dump Your Traditional Office Space and Move into the 21st Century

July 28,, 2019    I   A. Bruce Crawley


For about 15 years, our firm maintained offices on the 31st floor of a Class A, 41-story office tower. It was a traditional Center City Philadelphia office space, west of City Hall, on Market Street. Did I mention “Class A?” Did you notice my use of the word “traditional?”


Over the past few years, we began to realize, more and more, that a prestigious office space was no longer a requirement for effective employee recruitment or client relations, and we grew increasingly restless for more suitable “housing” for M3M.

We were a communications/advertising/digital marketing firm, but our stodgy, high-rise office space looked and felt more like a law firm than a creative space. The cultural impacts of the $47 billion co-working giant, WeWork; the growing influx of millennial employees; digitalized communications; more frequent use of videoconferencing; remote workforce members; and, even, more relaxed office wear, were all conspiring to let us know that, for firms such as ours, it was time to move on.

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A. Bruce Crawley is president, CEO and principal owner of Millennium 3 Management, Inc. (M3M). Read More...

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