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Crisis Communications

With recent examples of large corporate reputation damage, related big-ticket losses of share value and consumer loyalty, “crisis communications” has risen to unprecedented levels of prominence as a service provided by public relations practitioners such as M3M.


Another digital systems breach? Allegations of gender, racial, disability, or other institutional biases? Unexpectedly low quarterly earnings reports? Unhealthy foods discovered at a brand’s super markets or quick-food chains? Sexual harassment claims against corporate, institutional or religious leaders?


All of these and many more, in today's 24-hour news cycle/social media-driven environment can lead to negative awareness that can morph, more quickly than “overnight,” into full-blown crisis mode.


At M3M, we help brands to effectively prepare for crisis management through strategic collaboration with client-side executives in the advance development of a custom-designed crisis plan, suitable for immediate execution, as required. Perhaps, just as importantly, we assist clients in recognizing whether circumstances have risen to the point wherein they need to implement such a tactic, at all, on a situation-by-situation basis.

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