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Where’s John Wanamaker When We Need Him?

March 8, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley

If John Wanamaker, the legendary, native-Philadelphia merchant and public figure, could somehow come back to his favorite city, in 2018, he would no doubt feel very much at home in today’s marketing communications/digital marketing/social media-driven ad biz.


Most remember Wanamaker, who passed away in the early 1920’s, for his enduring perspective on advertising effectiveness: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Black History Month: An Annual Reminder 

of a Missed Marketing Opportunity

February 10, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley

For most U.S. brands, Black History Month should constitute a period wherein they conduct an annual review of a significant missed marketing opportunity...the national African-American consumer market.


Indeed, the more than 43.3 million black or African-American people in the country represent about 13.3 percent of the overall U.S. population, and analysts are projecting that national black spending power will grow to $1.5 trillion, by 2021.

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A. Bruce Crawley is president, CEOand principal owner of Millennium 3 Management, Inc. (M3M). Read More...

We've Moved: Both Physically & Culturally

January 11, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley

M3M_Moving Announcement2017.jpg

Communications firms often fail to share important news about themselves, even as they ramp up news and product/service information about their clients. a break with that practice, here’s the latest from Millennium 3 Management: Our offices have recently moved, not just physically, but also culturally.

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