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Millennium 3 Management (M3M) has recently acquired the “Classie Nutrition" brand, a plant-based and vegetarian food preparation, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles consultancy. "Classie" was established, in 2011, by one of the firm’s officers, Patricia Marshall Harris. She is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, who has also amassed 24,856,142 footsteps (12,112 miles) on her Fitbit account, since 2013.


Through Classie Nutrition, M3M provides seminars, workshops, and digital instruction. These lead to certifications of accomplishment for corporate employees who participate in its 12-part, healthy food preparation and nutrition healthy lifestyle courses, which are offered weekly, over a 90-day period. The courses include topics such as,


  • The Benefits of a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

  • Meal Planning to Add to Your Daily Workout Routine

  • MyPlate Food Guidelines and Portion Control

  • Healthy Snacks and Beverages at Work 

  • How to Buy Locally Grown and Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables 

  • Healthy Recipes, and

  • How to Live with, and Manage, Chronic Diseases by "Eating Healthy"

According to "Medical News Today," the benefits of adopting a healthy eating lifestyle can include weight loss, reduced cancer risk, diabetes management, heart health and stroke prevention, the health of the next generation, strong bones and teeth, better mood, improved memory and gut health and an improved ability to get an all-important "good night’s sleep."


Two guiding principles for Patricia, as a provider of plant-based and nutritional food preparation, have been: first, that nutritious food never has to be bland, lacking in flavor or unappealingly presented and, second, that it is appropriate to expect that foods that are good for you, should also taste good.


Marshall Harris has, over the past several years, provided her healthy lifestyle consulting and food preparation demonstrations in large corporate and institutional settings. In presentations to civic and community groups, she provides her unique perspectives on vegetarian, vegan, and high-concept fine dining, and cooking demonstrations, all with a consistent focus on wellness management.

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