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Strategic Social Media Monitoring/Focus Group Research

Some say Social Media are, at the end of the day, simply an additional communications channel for reaching target audiences. The difference between “Social” and traditional outlets, however, is that through social platforms, those audiences and their related influencers can actually reach back to the brand and to other precious audience members. They do so broadly, frequently virally, expressing their unvarnished opinions about institutional messaging and actions. Sometimes that’s a good thing; at other times, those expressions could be important indicators of inappropriate messaging or, even worse, the early warnings of an impending crisis.


At M3M, we’ve become adept “Social” listeners, a capability we include with our long experience in managing traditional qualitative research efforts.


Consumers are discussing your brand, your issues and your messaging every day. We can help you to understand precisely what they’re saying, and how that information can be incorporated into effective strategy.

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