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Nike/Kaepernick: There May be Tangible Marketing Benefit for Brands Whose Values Coincide with Those Held by their Targeted Consumers

September 7, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley


Nike just made a very public bid for being placed at the very top of the list of America’s most “woke” brands, i.e., those best positioning themselves for future profitability by giving today’s consumers what they want.


Before we get too much further, let’s refresh: Nike just announced a new ad campaign featuring some of America’s most iconic and inspirational athletes. The list included Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams, Shaquem Griffin, Odell Beckham, Jr, LeBron James and skateboarder Lacey Baker. The campaign’s tag line is: “Believe in Something, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything.” The campaign’s message is brilliantly, emotionally executed.

Technology, Changing Media Preferences and Newsroom Contractions Lead to Changes in the Old Journalism/Public Relations Pecking Order

August 8, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley

Blog Image_August.jpg

In the old days, there was a decided pecking order among communications professionals: At the top of that order were those who practiced journalism, i.e., those who worked for a recognized, local, regional, national, ethnic, daily, weekly, periodical, print or broadcast media outlet. Over recent years, those who practice their craft digitally, as independent bloggers, have also been added to that list.

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Learning to Use Digital Marketing in Ways that are not Annoying, Intrusive, but Persuasive, to Consumers is Job #1

July 6, 2018    I   A. Bruce Crawley

There is an increasingly inescapable conundrum facing those relying on improving the effectiveness, reach and accuracy of digital advertising efforts. It’s created by the concurrently growing reality that consumers targeted by online solicitations seem disinterested in, and even resentful of, being targeted by such campaigns.

Consumers are reluctant to engage with ads that they know have been forwarded to them because of recent online activity, and feel they are being intruded upon, and it makes them suspicious and distrustful.

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